DIY Maternity Photos – Milk Baths & Wilderness Adventures

Hi ladies!

Now that my daughter is nearly a year old I figured it was probably time to share my  home-job maternity photos with you. I meant to do so six months ago, but realistically in my free time I’ve been prioritising cat naps. I’d like to lie to you and tell you it was because I’ve been a busy woman, but honestly, I’ve just been an exhausted one on the verge of meltdown. Honesty is the best policy, right?

So, being me, I took two sets of pictures in case I hated the first (lol). With a baby on the way and a partner living abroad, a photographer wasn’t realistically in our budget. However I was still desperate to have some photos to look back on years from now and show to my daughter (when she inevitably asks if she’s adopted), so, I recruited my Mum and her iPhone – showed her how to use said iPhone – and we begun our journey to capture the beauty that is pregnancy. (But boy am I GLAD to no longer be that kind of beautiful).

The first set I wanted to be a milk bath. I’d seen all of these beautiful women online relaxing in pure white opaque “water”, surrounded by daffodils and daisies and I thought “Yeah. I reckon I could do something similar. Easy.” I googled some tips and discovered that yes, it is real milk. It was also recommended that powdered milk is used as tub full of fresh milk would cost a small fortune, so that’s exactly what we did. We purchased the flowers from Coles, and the total cost of the bath was about $35. Not bad.

I truly wish we’d captured the photography process. I sat in my lukewarm pregnancy soup as my mum climbed up on to the tiled concrete corners of the tub and began snapping away.
My suggestion is befriending someone with a stand alone bathtub, asking if you can borrow it, and then not telling them why.

Ps; I got stuck in the tub. We didn’t have a small crane on hand so my one again very helpful mother had to carefully yank me up by the arms. Glamorous exit.


The first image made the cut. The second is simply an image of my floaties. The third (me sitting among my floaties) I’m posting purely for logistics – Can you imagine how my poor camerawoman was positioned to take that first image?

For the second set of photos, I waddled my 38 week, short and very awkwardly rotund frame down to the local wildlife reserve, (absolutely stinking of insect repellent – this is a must) and went looking for some good lighting.

On our journey, we managed to find some kangaroos. How absolutely Australian of me. I stood far enough away to hopefully avoid getting kanga-smashed and asked if they were getting closer in a panicked whisper between shots. It made for a pretty cool photo in my opinion.


Whatever your style or budget, capture your pregnancy! I felt as though I was always taking photos of my bump, but looking back now – I still wish I’d taken more!

I hope you enjoyed and are having a great start to 2019,

Tiff x