Never leave I love yous left unsaid

Hi all,

A bit of a darker post today. A post I’m hoping inspires some reflection. It definitely did for me.

Yesterday, I was driving to meet a close friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. Life had gotten in the way, as it does as we grow older, and we finally made plans to catch up. It was a rainy day – the first we’d had in a few weeks. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to set a gloomy scene. I was driving along, abiding by the road rules, as I always do. Traffic was heavy – it was noon. A peak hour. I was sitting just under the speed limit, in the right hand lane. I had a right turn coming soon. I saw a car exiting the parking lot of the industrial area to my right. He was at a give way (yield) sign. I was just inches from him and he pulled out, onto the main road. Right in front of my car, travelling at speed. I know in these situations, they tell you to break and not swerve, but I owe my life to my instinct to grab my wheel and yank it as hard as I could to the left. I missed this fellow commuter by inches. I dare say an inch, singular. The other driver, clearly very shaken, stopped in the middle of the lane he’d been so desperate to enter, as I drove to find somewhere to park feeling an anxiety attack coming on. I’m not sure how long he sat there, but I glanced in my revision mirror, and he was still stationary as he faded from my view. I hoped he’d move, as he was still endangering other road users as long as he remained there. But I sure wasn’t going back to encourage him to do so.
I wonder, did he not see my bright red car?  Were they under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Was their eyesight fading, and they were too stubborn to turn in their licence? Was his judgement so poor that he thought he could make it in front of me? (I very much doubt this one, there was not a chance). I’ll never know. I don’t care to know. But I so desperately hope that they were shaken enough to take more care on the roads. I’m sure they’re as desperate to make it home to their families as I am, so for that I cannot be too mad.

I thanked somebody – whomever you believe it is watching over us, or my lucky stars if that isn’t for you – that I hadn’t had a lapse in concentration for even a second. To change radio station, or adjust my sun visor, perhaps. I thanked them that the lane beside me that I violently swerved into was clear, despite the roads being so busy. I thanked them that the driver in the other lane – that I found myself in – hadn’t been travelling just that little bit faster. I thanked them that my daughter was not in the car with me, and that the road was not yet wet enough to encourage my car to roll.

I made it – though balling my eyes out – to my friends house that day. I was lucky. I knew that hitting a (somewhat) stationary object at 70kmph did not have my chances of survival looking very peachy. I’m sure the other driver would have been fine, minor injuries perhaps, but nothing substantial. Please believe that if I were exaggerating just how close to tragic this had the potential to be, even slightly, I wouldn’t be writing this post for you today.

When I got home, I grabbed my daughter, cried once again, and told her just how much I love her. She’s too young to understand, but her “mamas home” smiles were enough for me.

So I ask you that if you love someone – tell them each and every time they leave for work, or you “quickly run some errands”. Annoyed with your spouse? Children? Put it to the back of your mind for a minute and let them know that you love them. Hug your children a little tighter tonight. Never go to bed on an argument.
Remember that those that die today, had plans for tomorrow.

Tiff x


Frugal Freebies Friday – New Mums Edition – Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.

Hi ladies – less of a blog entry today, just something I’ve found that may be of use to some of you!

These companies will send free samples of their products to your door if you register your information with them. No card details or anything crazy, just email address and your shipping information. I found this to be particularly helpful when it came to finding products for my daughter as unfortunately not every product will work for every baby, and I didn’t want to be stocking up on products that were inevitably going to irritate my daughters skin! I’ve not received any spam mail or news letters to my home address since using these links, which honestly wasn’t a huge concern of mine being money was tight at the time, and I was being sent product for free. But some of you may be bothered by junk mail – so I thought it was a note worth mentioning.

I’ve separated the lists into two – one for Americans, and one for Aussies (sorry if neither of those are you!).

The list of freebies available to those of us in Australia is listed here;


Your local doctors office and/or hospitals commonly provide bags of baby and pregnancy samples upon request.

If you don’t have the Flybuys app for mobile I recommend downloading. They have personalised offers as well as frequent bonus point deals. I spend $100 weekly on groceries and manage to earn $80-$100 flybuys dollars – so a free Coles food shop – once a month! Seriously, there’s no catch. I wish I’d discovered it much sooner, definitely check it out.

To my American ladies, your list is here;


For American moms really doing it tough:

Don’t forget to register at Walmart, Amazon, Target & Sams Club for a free box of samples and (usually) some full size products! Your local doctors office and/or hospitals commonly provide bags of baby and pregnancy samples upon request.

Happy browsing ladies!

Tiff xx

Stretch Mark Miracle? Or Slippery Scam?

OK. So I might have clickbaited you – well, sorta. Let me explain.

One of my biggest and most haunting fears when I became pregnant was stretch marks, and there is seemingly a large debate as to whether or not those stripey little suckers are preventable. Some say that if you lather yourself up in coconut oil it’ll be smooth (slimey) sailing, so I took the liberty in becoming your slippery guinea pig.

Young and somewhat insecure me thought hey, if Francine the Fitspo mum can prevent stretch marks with body butter, I can too! So sure enough, I stocked up on “stretch mark preventing” body butters, vials upon vials of rosehip oil, chugged gallons of water and made sure to take my fish oil three times a day! Those monounsaturated fats were good for the elasticity of the skin, after all.

Throughout my pregnancy, I maintained this silly routine of moisturising my skin five times daily. I must have smelt horrible, because rosehip oil – despite the misleading name – smells more like salmon than anything else. I gained only 10kg by 39 weeks (not as “lucky” as you’d think – blame the gestational diabetes diet for my inability to consume copious amounts of lamingtons). My own mother had not even a single stretch mark! By 38 weeks I thought I’d escaped! Cracked the code! A true miracle! But, the joke was on me, I woke up covered in stretch marks three days before I gave birth. Yes, in the space of 7 hours, I gained all of my “stripes”. Sigh.

The part I found to be the most shocking (aside from the total cost of all that bloody oil), was that I didn’t care. I carried my beautiful baby girl to term, I grew her perfectly. My body did something I was told it may never be able to do – and this was the very small price I had to pay. It was worth every penny. This whole experience taught me a valuable lesson though. Love the skin you’re in. Cliche, I know. It wasn’t until now that I truly realised just how amazing a woman’s body is and what a miracle child bearing really is.

In conclusion;
Are they preventable? No, probably not. Do I recommend skipping the gimmicky products tailored to the insecurities of women with changing bodies? Eh, probably f it were me doing it over, I’d pick up a cheap moisturiser from Woolies and skip the fancy stuff. In all fairness, I can’t say it did nothing. Constant buttered-up skin did assist greatly with the pregnant belly itch, and, post birth my new found stripes had faded to silver by my 4 week check up. My point? Don’t expect too much from body butter, and treat yourself to a nice new handbag (or several, with the cost of rosehip oil, seriously), instead! There’s nothing wrong – or unnattractive – about the beautiful thing your body is doing, so rock those amazing stripes proudly!

Lots of love,
Tiff xx

A Brief Introduction

Hi everyone (I just had the first and only urge I’ve ever had in my entire life to say “G’day”, fantastic start)!

Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself – I’m Tiffani. A 22 year old Australian Homemaker and mum of a beautiful eight month old baby girl, Aubree. Homemaker and partner to 33 year old American/Aussie combo-to-be, Jason.

I began this blog to document our journey and all that it entails, whether that be my battle with PCOS, epilepsy, immigration or simply, my journey stumbling through life as a new mum. The works. I’m sure I’ll go further into these topics as we go along, but for now, the focus of this post is a warm welcome!

I hope you hang around, enjoy the read and maybe even have a few laughs at my expense. I’m sure you’ll get the opportunity often.

Tiff xx