Hi all,

Welcome to the blog. I’m a 22 year old mother of one and (occasionally) homemaking extraordinaire, by the name of Tiffani! My partner, in crime, and otherwise, is 33 year old Jason.

My humour is sarcastic and dry, but don’t let that fool you – I have a generally positive outlook on life. I love travel, motherhood (for the most part), writing and adventure and heavily enjoy hearing the experiences of others, so please, start discussion with me in the comments if you feel so inclined! I love to hear outside advice, perspectives and experiences of others from all walks of life.

Here I share with you the wonderfully messy world of ours, as a woman with both PCOS and Epilepsy, and a partner struggling with mental illness.

I’ve resided in the United States for the past year, but have made my way back home to Australia for the foreseeable future.

So once again, I welcome you!

Instagram: tiffilauren